Steel Manufacturing

Steel manufacturing is the process of cutting, bending, shaping, and assembling steel to create different products and structures for a wide range of industries. We have a dedicated team of boilermakers that are able to manufacture complex designs and products according to your required specifications.

We supply the following custom steel products:

  • Hand railings / balustrades, cat ladders, stairs, ramps, steel pedestrian bridges.
  • Reservoir internal and external ladders.
  • Steel pipes and pipe specials for the civil construction industry.
  • Steel stairs with precast slabs, grating stair treads and stair tread platforms.
  • Specialised shutter manufacturing.
  • Gratings, trench covers, storm water drain covers and walkways.
  • Industrial steel structures, packhouses, storage warehouses.
  • Steel structural crawl beams and crane beams.
  • Various balustrade steel barriers for bridges and safety crash barriers for roads.

Advantages of a steel structures:

  • With high durability due to the use of structural steel and the flexibility of construction make it an excellent alternative to the conventional construction process.
  • Steel structure buildings are light in weight (lighter than other types of buildings with the same strength).
  • Suitable for large-span buildings, such as factories, stadiums, and so on.
  • The construction period is shorter, the construction is more convenient, and the time and investment costs significantly reduced.

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